Utilize Our Nutritional Calculator to Help You Reach Your Goals

We always run into health-savvy customers who do a great job tracking and monitoring what they eat and never disrupting whichever dietary system they pursue. Information really is power when it comes to good eating. Did you know that Island Fin Poké has an online nutritional calculator that can help you tell exactly what’s in your food?

Let’s examine the value of using the nutritional calculator to help reach your health and diet goals.

IFP Nutritional Calculator

How the Nutritional Calculator Works

This is a useful reference tool that lets you see exactly what’s in your poké bowl with regards to calories, serving size, sugar, fat, carbs, protein, sodium, cholesterol, and more. It’s great for diabetics, keto dieters, vegans, gluten-free dieters, and anybody else who needs to know what they’re actually consuming.

We’ve updated our nutritional calculator to allow you to compile your own poké bowl and discover its precise nutritional value. All you have to do is choose your base, protein, seasonings, mix-ins, and sauces. Then the calculator will tabulate and display all the important metrics like sodium, fat, and dietary fiber.

It’s simple to use. Anybody can do it in no time flat.

Island Fin Poke Bowls

Why Counting Calories & Other Nutrients Helps

What are some reasons people like to track dietary metrics?

  • Tracking calories allows you to understand what you consume compared to your typical baseline requirements.
  • It helps you learn to make better food choices.
  • You’ll eventually eat more efficiently with smaller portions. Many Americans consume more than what’s necessary due to a lack of guidelines or any organized eating approach.
  • You can eliminate lots of stress and confusion by knowing precise nutritional values. Quantitative figures help you make your caloric consumption as clear as possible rather than guessing or “going with your gut” on the whole endeavor.
  • The Island Fin Poké nutritional calculator is free and easy to use. Even if you don’t want to “constantly count carbs/calories,” you might enjoy doing so once in a while. Many healthy eaters start off looking at a couple of metrics and eventually grow to appreciate a greater control of what goes on their plate.

We always welcome you to try these tools before and during your visit with us at Island Fin Poké Downers Grove. Our aim is to make healthy eating fun, enjoyable, and personally profitable. If you have questions about any of our delicious menu items, feel free to call us at (630) 324-6110.