The Kids are Heading Back to School! Choose Poké for Dinner!

Are you a parent searching for a fast, healthy, and enjoyable meal for your children as you head back into the school routine? We’d like to show you the many merits of adding more poké to your weekday dinners after school.

Poké: A Great After-School Dinner Option

These are the best reasons to eat more poké with your entire family.

Family at Island Fin Poke Downers Grove

Poké Promotes Healthy Hearts

You’ll hear us reference the always valuable Omega-3 fats that are abundant in salmon, tuna, and other ingredients throughout our menu. This gives you a perfect chance to instill healthy dietary habits during their formative years. They’ll thank you when they’re older and don’t have to visit the doctor as much.

You Get Plenty of Veggie Options

Have you heard of Og Veggies or the other unique veggies we have? Much of what we serve fits under the banner of “superfoods.” These are the items that limit blood pressure trouble, promote oxidation, stimulate digestion, and provide numerous other benefits.

It’s Fun and Customizable

You probably have at least one picky eater in your family. Fear not because we have tons of variety at Island Fin Poké. Even if your child doesn’t like seafood, you’ll find other delicious ways to create a poké bowl with chicken, spam, or tofu. Also, we find that most children really enjoy ingredients like pineapple, avocado, mango, and macadamia nuts. There are plenty of choices.

Poké Is Low Calorie But Still Satisfying

It depends on what you put on your poké bowl, but the typical meal is pretty light in calories. Some estimate that four ounces of poké gives you about 150 calories. Of course, if you want to dive deeper into the caloric content, carbs, sodium, or anything else, you can check out our helpful nutrition calculator.

It’s Low in Bad Fats

There are good fats and bad fats, and the same is true of cholesterol. It’s not too early for you to teach your children the difference. We mentioned the Omega-3 fats as an example of the good kind. You can also rest assured that we never produce anything with trans fats or any other dubious chemicals that are hard to pronounce.

There’s Plenty of Protein and Energy Vitamins

When you hear fitness enthusiasts or dieticians speak about lean protein, seafood is one of the most commonly cited examples. Tuna and salmon are especially great ways to include clean energy and protein in your diet. This is important for providing your children with enough energy to sustain another busy school year.

Don’t forget that you can make things even more convenient by ordering poké online. Island Fin Poké is one of the most popular evening dining options for patrons in and around Downers Grove, IL. If you’d like to ask questions about anything on our menu, call us at 630-324-6110.