Reasons to Add More Poke to Your Diet This New Year!

We’re approaching the new year, so it’s time to gather a few resolution ideas. Of course, at Island Fin Poke, we’re partial to health/nutrition goals.

Those are just some of the terrific few reasons to add more Poke to your diet. Here’s your chance to become as healthy as ever by giving up junk for nutrient-rich seafood.

Eat More Poke in 2023

Protect Your Heart

We can’t take a healthy heart for granted anymore. Make 2023 the year you optimize your circulatory system with some salmon, tuna, and other ingredients rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Healthy Veggies Abound

Do you have children who refuse to eat their veggies? Would you put yourself into that camp as well? If so, don’t worry, we won’t pass judgement. Perhaps you rarely have the opportunity to try healthy greens that actually taste great. That’s what you’ll find at Island Fin Poke with exotic items such as Og Veggies, spring mix, seaweed salad, and more.

Poke is Highly Customizable

We’ve already mentioned some of our fantastic ingredients, but that’s only the beginning. When you visit us, you’ll see a myriad of fish items, fruits, veggies, marinade, and premium toppings you can use to customize the perfect Poke Bowl.

Consume Fewer Calories, But Still Experience Satiety

Many Americans wish to reduce their caloric intake and give their digestive system a break without all the hunger pangs. If this includes you, then we can help you accomplish this goal. Island Fin Poke is a great place to put together a low-calorie meal. You can actually use our handy Nutritional Calculator to measure the calories, sodium, fat, cholesterol, and carbs in everything you eat.

Enjoy a Much Cleaner Source of Protein

Some athletes like to “bulk up” in the winter, but often assume they have to eat lots of junk food to get enough protein for muscle growth. This is not true, however. Even if you don’t like tuna or salmon, you can substitute it for lean chicken, all of which give you plenty of protein to fuel your workouts in 2023.

These are our favorite reasons to include more Hawaiian Poke in your diet this year. Can you think of any we missed?

Happy New Year from everybody at Island Fin Poke Downers Grove! We can’t wait to facilitate your 2023 resolutions by serving you the best Poke anytime you visit us from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Contact us to learn more about Poke or any of our services at (630) 324-6110.