Discover the Poke Bowl in Downers Grove!

You might have heard about the newest trend in fast food, the poke bowl. This export by way of Hawaii is quickly changing the way we think of healthy eating and it’s just as convenient as pizza and burgers. But what is it? Why is poke so popular? Well, the time has come friendly reader, for a crash course in what might become your new favorite food.

Poke Bowl Downers Grove

A Piece of Heaven from Hawaii

Much like the Peruvian dish Ceviche, the poke bowl is a dish comprised of raw fish, vegetables, and various sauces and spices. Two to three servings of non-fried fish a week is recommended by the American Heart Association to promote and maintain a healthy heart. Poke, which is Hawaiian for “chunk” or “to cut across” refers to the preparation of the fish that serves as the dish’s primary ingredient.

Changing the Game Completely

In the past, fast food has been associated with words like fattening, greasy, processed, and most notably—unhealthy. The poke bowl completely shifts the paradigm of what we commonly associate with food on the go. The convenience that accompanies dining out these days is more popular than ever, thanks to orderings apps like Grubhub, Doordash, and Uber Eats. While the poke bowl is certainly a fast-food item, its healthy attributes set it apart from the crowd.

Customized and Personalized

The poke bowl isn’t just the healthiest fast-food item on the market, it’s also the most versatile. Choose a fish, choose a marinade, choose your veggies and toppings that you want, and dive right in! From tuna, squid, and salmon to tofu and avocado, this is one delicacy that appeals to eaters of every diet, taste, and experiment. The marinades used by most restaurants are gluten-free, and whether you get your protein from meat or plants, both are honored.

Island Fin Poke Downers Grove

Like Many Americans, I Live on the Mainland. How Can I Join the Poke Bowl Craze?

While Downers Grove, Illinois is a considerable distance from Hawaii, fear not—your passport to the delicious and healthy world of the poke bowl is right in your backyard. At Island Fin Poké, we pride ourselves on offering customizable poke bowls with the freshest ingredients. While it might have taken a while for this dish to reach the mainland, the long-awaited balance of taste and nutrition is here. Rejoice!

For our hours of operation, a complete menu, and all the tasty tidbits related to the poke bowl, hop on over to our website. It will only take a few minutes to develop your lifetime infatuation.