All The Reasons You Should Add Poké Bowls To Your Diet

At the Downers Grove location for Island Fin Poké, we can think of a plethora of reasons why you should add poké bowls to your diet. They’re healthy, the ingredient options seem limitless, you can choose gluten-free options, they taste amazing, and so forth. So, in this post, let’s highlight a few reasons to indulge in everyone’s favorite Hawaiian delight, the poké bowl.

Hawaiian Poke Bowls

Four Good Reasons to Eat Poké

Great For Your Heart

One of the active ingredients for bolstering heart health is Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Some fats are good; others are bad (see below). The Omega-3’s are the ones you want to cultivate because they improve circulation, make digestion easier, and boost your good cholesterol (HDLs). All those functions lead to a healthier heart. You can get a solid dose of Omega-3’s from poké items like fish, avocado, seeds, nuts, and more.

Low-Fat, High-Protein, & Low Calorie

Some fats are good, but not the ones, like trans fats, that are ever-present in processed foods. So, when we say, “low fat,” we mean low on junky fats that are detrimental to your health.

Also, don’t forget about the abundant protein options on our menu. Salmon, spicy tuna, chicken, and ahi tuna all contain at least 26 grams of protein per serving.

Are you trying to watch your caloric intake? We have 13 poké bowl combinations that total less than 500 calories. You can always learn more about the macros and calories in your poké bowl by checking out our nutrition section.

Highly Customizable

The Island Fin Poké menu is formidable indeed. When you factor in all the meat options, seasonings, sauces, toppings, and various mix-ins, the number of poké bowl combinations is nearly inexhaustible. It doesn’t matter if you want something Keto-friendly, vegetarian, or vegan, you won’t leave unsatisfied.

Lots of Great Veggies

Perhaps all of us could stand to emphasize more leafy greens in our diets. It’s super easy, and your health only stands to benefit from it. Everything from seaweed salad to cucumber to og-veggies is up for grabs here.

Island Fin Poké – Downers Grove: Your Local Poké Ohana

At Island Fin Poké – Downers Grove, we operate in what we like to call an “Ohana,” which is Hawaiian for family. We’ve emphasized bodily health here, but it’s also very important to strengthen our emotional health as well. That’s why we take the Ohana approach to our business. We know it’s the best way to make your experience enjoyable, by providing a friendly restaurant ambiance with great-tasting, healthy food. Experiencing it for yourself is the only way to understand it. If you want to learn more about anything on our menu, you’re welcome to call us at (630) 324-6110.