A Few Healthy and Realistic Resolutions to Follow

Are you still struggling to identify a good New Year’s resolution, but don’t what to surrender just yet? That’s admirable and exactly the right attitude. Island Fin Poké wants to help you with some realistic and healthy ways to eat and feel healthier during this new year.
Here are a few tips on some great life hacks you can morph into resolutions immediately!

Happy New Year Island Fin Poke

Drink Lots of Water

This is such a great habit because water is the foundation of our biological framework. When we run low on water, everything falls apart. How much should you drink? This varies from person to person, but consider the advice of fitness expert, Jeff Cavaliere, who recommends quickly downing a couple of bottles of water every morning upon waking. Everyone starts the morning dehydrated, so it’s wise to get some water early.

Consume Less Alcohol

Alcohol, on the other hand, counteracts your hydration process. It’s best to curtail the drinking habit as much as you can. You don’t have to become a teetotaler, but if you’re pounding down 10 beers per week, we think you’ll enjoy several benefits if you restrict yourself to 50% of that. Yes, this is a highly personal decision, but be mindful that are a lot of negative aspects to alcohol that often outweigh its benefits.

Exercise for at Least 20 Minutes Each Day

Do you want the good news about this resolution? It does NOT require you to do mega strenuous running or weightlifting for 20 minutes each day. But in case you plan on doing so, please make sure you have the correct running or powerlifting shoes and accessories. All this requires you to do is commit to 20 minutes of SOME kind of exercise. Depending on your fitness level, this can include walking, biking, playing catch, and all sorts of activities. The point is not to become an athlete or marathon participant, but to break free of excessively sedentary habits.

Island Fin Poke Nutrition Calculator

Track Your Calories More Effectively

As a restaurant, we saved this one for last because we know exactly how it’s done. Let’s face it. It actually does help to count and monitor your total calories, carbs, and other macronutrients. We even include a Nutritional Calculator right here on our website. This is the way you can pre-configure your poké bowl with all the ingredients you like, then discover if it’s compatible with your nutritional goals.

The nutritional calculator will show you all the following:

  • Calories
  • Serving Size
  • Fat
  • Saturated Fat
  • Trans Fat
  • Carbs
  • Sugar
  • Protein
  • Dietary Fiber
  • Cholesterol
  • Sodium

Chances are you’re on a dietary regimen that requires you to take account of these things. Therefore, we’re happy to do it for you for every meal you have with us.

Island Fin Poké Downers Grove offers dining and take-out meal solutions that will help you become your healthiest version possible in 2022. Plus, our poké bowl options are not bland or devoid of taste. Hawaiian cuisine is one of the most popular food trends in America for a reason. poké bowls are fantastic! Come visit us at 76 Ogden Avenue to find out more. Call us with any inquiries or comments at (630) 324-6110.