Poke Bowls are Good for Diabetics

Not only is poke a delightfully enticing dish that can please even the pickiest of eaters, but it’s also healthy!  Poke has so many benefits because of how easily customizable the bowls are.  Even more exciting?  Poke bowls can be a great option for those with diabetes!  Millions of people are affected by diabetes worldwide so it is important to find different types of food that can help them improve their health.
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For those living with diabetes, you know that you have to follow a pretty strict diet to stay healthy.  This is because diabetes affects the way bodies turn food into energy.  Rather than your insulin controlling glucose to become energy, the body malfunctions and either can’t make the insulin or doesn’t use the insulin correctly.  Blood sugar spikes from a poor diet can cause very serious and even fatal side effects.  Hyperglycemia from imbalanced insulin levels can lead to heart, kidney, and nerve damage. The good news is that Island Fin Poke is here to help you create healthy bowls that will keep your insulin levels within a healthy range!

Heart-healthy fish is a great protein option for diabetics!  That’s what makes poke bowls so awesome for diabetic diets.  The Omega-3 fatty acids in many types of fish are unsaturated, which is healthy for everyone.  The Omega-3 fatty acids help to lower blood pressure and prevent heart disease!  They can also reduce the risk of heart failure, strokes, and blood clots.  

When it comes to ingredients you can add to your poke bowl, there’s lots of variety to ensure the flavors are bright and refreshing!  Our variety of bases offers several different types of nutritional value.  Poke bowls typically start with a base of rice.  While we offer traditional white rice, our brown rice is likely a better option.  You can even skip the rice completely and go with our spring mix packed full of leafy greens!  We also have several different heart-healthy fish options including ahi tuna, spicy tuna, and salmon.  You can even double up on your protein for an extra serving of heart health.  Our other protein options include octopus, shrimp, chicken, spam, and tofu should something else better suit your diet.  Adding in a mix of vegetables is also a great way to add more nutrition, texture, and flavor to your bowl.  Choose from edamame, corn, sweet onion, jalapenos, or our OG veggies.

When it comes to sauces, feel free to speak to our chefs to help you decide which the best would be for your dietary needs!  We have tons of healthy toppings to finish your bowl off as well including cucumbers, pickled veggies, seaweed salad, mango, and much more!

Whatever your nutritional needs, Island Fin Poke can help you design a dish that is healthy, tasty, and satisfying! For any questions, please give us a call at (813) 812-4033.  Stop by and design your new favorite bowl in Carrollwood at 12913 North Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa, Florida.