How-To’s: Vegetarian & Vegan Poke Bowls

We receive many inquiries about following a vegetarian or vegan diet while visiting Island Fin Poke. Since our Hawaiian Poke food typically revolves around fish, some folks wonder if they can still have it.
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Yes, indeed! There are plenty of ways to enjoy our fast casual dining experience, with all of its exotic ingredients, within the framework of vegetarianism and veganism. We’ll show you how.

Vegetarian & Vegan Eating at Island Fin Poke

These are the steps to creating a vegetarian or vegan meal with us.

  • Pick the Right Base
    • We call it the “base” of the Poke Bowl because that’s the first thing you get before you pile on the other delicious ingredients. For vegetarians, we recommend the spring mix, but there’s also your choice of brown or white rice.
  • Tofu – A Perfect Vegetarian Protein
    • Some vegetarians may be comfortable with seafood choices like shrimp, salmon, or tuna, but that may not fit into the vegan paradigm. That’s no problem! We also have a tofu option that’s really popular with those who enjoy the soy taste.
  • Plenty of Veggies and Non-Meat Seasonings
    • We have no shortage of antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies on our menu. Our selection includes pineapple, mango, sweet onions, Edamame, spicy pickle, Og Veggies, seaweed salad, spicy pickle, and much more.
    • You don’t have to eat anything bland or tasteless when you check out how many sauces and seasonings we have at Island Fin Poke. You’ll love trying the novel Wicked Wahine, Ponzu, or Shoyu sauces. For a thicker, creamier texture, be sure to sample our Jamaican Cream, Togarashi, and Wasabi. These are just some of the delicious and nutritious sauces we have ready all the time.
    • Some of those items are vegetarian-friendly, but vegans may still want something else. We can easily satisfy those demands with Ono Ono sauce, cilantro, scallions, garlic, and ginger.
  • Premium Toppings for Vegetarians & Vegans
    • Premium toppings cost slightly extra, but they’re worth it. You almost can’t eat Hawaiian food without Macadamia nuts. Plus, we have the best vegan-friendly source of healthy saturated fat: the beloved avocado. Those go great with tofu or anything else we serve.

There is no shortage of awesome ways to compile a Poke Bowl at the Island Fin Poke Carrollwood. We pay lots of attention to quality, fresh ingredients, and nutrition. Our goal is to provide delicious and healthy meals as a viable alternative to cheap takeout food. Come visit us on N. Dale Mabry Highway, and call us with any questions or concerns at 813-812-4033.